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Want to go ahead and get started on your design? We just need some information before we start.

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Below is a list of information that I need to start a shirt design. Once you have filled out all the details please hit the submit button at the bottom. If you have any trouble uploading your files, just email them to and be sure to include your name as the subject.
High-Vis Required
We can include fluro yellow, orange and green in your design, if you require High-Vis. Reflective tape is also available if required.
Have a look through the gallery on the website and if there are any designs that you like, just let me know eg. '2018 Daniel Day' or '2018 Micka Hayden'. I don't expect you to design the car, but this information just gives me an idea of the design you are looking at.
See some examples online that you like, upload them here.
I will need all the graphics that are on your car supplied in vector format, which is either .ai .eps or .pdf format.Simply contact your sign writer and have them send you the file, don't worry if you can't open it on your computer just forward it on to
Notes / Extra Information
Please include in the area below if you have any extra information not covered above.
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